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Chipped Broken Discolored Teeth

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Chipped, Broken, Discolored Teeth

Cosmetic Veneers Virginia Beach dentist

Chipped, Broken, Discolored Teeth

Are you hiding your smile due to chipped broken discolored teeth? Do you long to have a healthier, whiter, more natural smile? Don’t wait to regain a sense of confidence about your smile! Call us today. Your Virginia Beach dentists would be glad to talk with you about your concerns as well as which  treatment options are appropriate in your situation.

There are many causes of tooth breakage, wear and discoloration. For example, if your teeth have been stained due to excessive fluoride or previous dental procedures; or you have uneven, worn down, broken or discolored teeth, we may be able to help restore your smile to its natural beauty.

When a patient came to our practice with chipped broken discolored teeth, the dentists at our Virginia Beach dental office used custom made veneers to fit the shape and size of the patient’s teeth. Because veneers have the look and feel of natural teeth and are uniform in shape and color, they are often used for patients with broken or discolored teeth. This type of procedure is usually performed over a series of visits to our office.

We would be glad to meet with you for a consultation to discuss your needs and options. Call our office to request an appointment!

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