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Physicians for Peace

In late November through early December, 2011, Virginia Beach dentist Dr. Abbey Horwitz together with dental hygienist Amanda McClain-Knight traveled to Nicaragua with Physicians for Peace on a special mission to promote good dental care. Physicians for Peace was founded by a Virginia-based doctor. Its slogan is “Teach One, Heal Many” and the organization seeks to “Educate and empower local providers of surgical care to alleviate suffering and transform lives in under-resourced communities around the world.” Dr. Horwitz led this rewarding and memorable volunteer mission designed to help train Nicaraguan professionals on improving skills and knowledge base in dentistry through lectures and clinical demonstrations.

Dr. Horwitz said of the Physicians for Peace experience, “The mission to Nicaragua was an eye opener. Working with the faculty and staff at the dental school in León was such a gratifying experience. Their interest in the new techniques we brought and their obvious appreciation that we were there to help were heartwarming to our team.”

For over 20 years, Physicians for Peace has sent dedicated health professionals to underdeveloped countries for the purpose of teaching proper medical and dental procedures and preventative care. Through education and training, Physicians For Peace hopes medical and dental professionals in these under-resourced countries can continue to share compassion, knowledge and expertise and, in turn, improve the overall health of men, women, and children in lesser economies.