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As we grow and age, we start to question things. One of those things being dentist visits. Many people never have a cavity in their entire lifetime and look back and think, “Did I even need to go to the dentist if they never would find a cavity in my mouth?”. Some believe that as long as you properly brush and floss your teeth, a dentist appointment is unnecessary. However, that is not true. Dentists offer a variety of services, not only simple checkups and cleanings, including things that are not always clear to the everyday person. 

lady dentist using x-ray on patient

What Is A Dentist?

Dentists are professionally trained in the diagnosis and treatment of teeth. They are able to analyze and detect issues through the use of materials, and are also able to help prevent arising issues in their patients’ teeth. These materials can vary from an X-ray, probe, to a mirror. Because of how in-depth training is for dentists, they are able to carry out a variety of oral procedures, including but not limited to repairing and filling cavities. However, dentists do not work alone. They also work with dental hygienists, assistants, and laboratory technicians. With the help of these other professionals, dentists are able to provide their clients with a variety of services. They are also fairly accessible, and it is not hard to find a dentist near you, as one can be found through a simple google search. 

The Risks Of Not Visiting The Dentist

Over 64 million Americans have not made a visit to the dentist in the last year, according to the American Dental Association. As that is a huge chunk of individuals, let’s go over the possible risks of not visiting the dentist.


Undiscovered diseases

When plaque and tartar are left in between or on the surface of a tooth, it can cause the gum to become inflamed, also known as gingivitis. WIthout treatment, this condition worsens to periodontitis, a step worse than gingivitis that can possibly lead to tooth loss.



Plaque plays a major role in how healthy your teeth are. Leaving plaque on your teeth can lead to it attacking the tooth enamel, creating tiny holes in the teeth (cavities). Without treatment, cavities can cause teeth loss as well.



If a condition worsens enough, its effects can go far beyond simply the loss of a tooth or irritation of the gum. In these cases, surgeries and treatments can cause way more than an occasional checkup at the dentist. These surgeries and treatments can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, way more than a simple dentist contract.

The Benefits Of Regular Dental Visits

Regular dental visits help with maintaining good oral health. However, there are other benefits.


Better overall health

Heart disease and gum disease, from studies, have shown to have a link. With that being said, regular visits to the dentist at least once a year can help decrease those chances. This is also good for overall health.


Increased mental health

With diseases and damaged teeth, can come image issues. Since teeth are one of the first few things people notice about other people, taking care of your teeth is important. Especially since we are in a time that centers on the appearance of everyone in society. Image issues have become increasingly present in today’s generations. Lack of teeth due to neglect can cause people to become insecure in their appearance. This can lower the state of someone’s mental health. So, in turn, keeping track of cleaning and quality of your teeth.

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The Bottom Line – Is Seeing A Dentist Necessary?

The American Dental Association has stated that seeing a dentist and getting proper check-ups yearly is mandatory in order to maintain good oral health. Along with cleaning, dental professionals are able to help with preventing tooth loss and gum disease, as well as detecting other non-visible diseases that later can cause issues. It is always important to keep in mind that non symptomatic diseases are existent and never having cavities does not mean you are not susceptible to these diseases. To avoid any possibilities simply seeing a dentist near you can go a very long way. At the end of the day, the choice is always up to each person, however, it is highly recommended that you go and see one. 

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To conclude, try to make sure to see a dentist at least once year to check up on the state of your teeth. While skipping an appointment or continuing to put them off can seem tempting, it can actually cause severe issues that could need long-term treatment. A simple “dentist near me” search can find you the right dentist for you, such as The Art of Dentistry. Visit their page to learn more about their dentists and services.