CEREC-one-viisit-dental-crowns-virginia-beachJust as with any clothing item or accessory, your teeth can get worn down or fade. Whether you’ve never been to the dentist or you’ve spent years diligently brushing and flossing, our skilled dental professionals can restore your smile in a single day.

Thanks to the newest innovations in dental technology, dental partners Horwitz & Dorfman, DDS in Virginia Beach can create a custom crown or veneers for you – in just one visit. The entire process is made possible by CEREC® same-day crowns.

How Does It Work?

Examination & Preparation: Before we make any major decisions, Drs Horwitz & Dorfman will determine whether CEREC® is right for you. Once your procedure is approved, we’ll begin administering anesthetic and prepping your teeth.

3-D Imaging: Remember the days when your dentist would fill a tray with putty and press it over your teeth to get an impression? Never again will you be forced to taste that putty or struggle to breathe around it. At Horwitz & Dorfman, our patient’s comfort is our priority. We’ll take a full 3-D scan of your teeth and use it to create a physical model that we can work from.

Milling Unit: Now that we have our 3-D model of your mouth, our experts can generate your custom CEREC® crown. We’ll determine the original color and shape of your teeth and create your restoration.

Placement: Once the restoration is complete, it’s time for you to try it on. We’ll check to be sure you’re comfortable and make adjustments as needed. When you’re pleased with your crown, your Virginia Beach dentist will bond it into place in your mouth.

Four steps to a newer, brighter smile and a strong, healthy set of teeth. What could be simpler? Contact the dental offices of Drs Horwitz & Dorfman today to transform your smile in one day.