Your greatest physical asset is your smile. With just one flash of your pearly whites you have the ability to convey emotions, a friendly greeting, and a positive attitude that spreads. When you experience problems with your teeth, however, you probably don’t feel like smiling much. Regular visits to the dentist can handle minor issues, but serious problems may require restorative treatment. If you find your smile isn’t as dazzling as it used to be, you should consider your dental care options.

Why a Dental Restoration?

When you break a bone, do you ignore it? No, you visit your doctor and have surgery performed, and you may wear a cast until the bone is completely healed. Why is it, then, that many of us may not do anything immediately if we chip a tooth or notice that our teeth don’t look as nice anymore. Your teeth are a part of your body, and they require as much care as the rest of you. Sometimes, of course, you are unable to help damage that happens – you may be involved in an accident that knocks out a tooth, or an illness may contribute to problems with your gums. However, restorative dentistry offers you the option of improving your smile and perhaps renewing good dental health.

How Dental Restoration Can Benefit You

Aside from the obvious solution of improving your smile, there is much more that dental work can do for you:

  • Fill in spaces between teeth. If you have lived most of your life with a gap between your two front teeth and don’t much care for it, your dental can work to straighten the teeth so everything is uniform.
  • Correct your bite. Sometimes teeth don’t come down and meet as they are supposed to. This could happen following an illness or injury that causes your jaws to misalign, and your bite is consequently affected. Dental restoration can correct the problem so your jaws are back to normal.
  • Relieve pain. Let’s face it, if your teeth hurt, you’re miserable. You can take pain medications to alleviate the discomfort, but if the problem lies within your teeth your dentist needs to have a look.
  • Keeps your teeth intact. If you’re concerned about losing a tooth, your dentist may be able to find a way to save it with a crown or other procedure.


Don’t wait until problems get worse with your teeth before you make your appointment. Dental restoration not only keeps your smile beautiful, but helps maintain your health.