Toothache can be very irritating with the coming and going pain and gum swelling, headache and frustration. The toothache has to be taken seriously since it usually indicates that something is wrong with your tooth.  With the major toothaches, you may not even identify which tooth is acing, and experience pain in the entire jaw.

The toothache may be caused by tooth decay, exposed roots, wisdom teeth, gum diseases, etc.

Visit your dentist if you are experiencing discomfort or pain to prevent further problems.

What to do is my toothaches at night?

Sometimes visiting your dentist immediately is not an option. Your teeth may ache at night, during your vacation, camping, etc. There are some home remedies that can relieve the toothache temporarily. These methods will not cure gum diseases or restore your teeth, but at least you can get pain relief until you visit your dentist.

Toothache remedies:

Salt Water –A spoon of salt dissolved in a glass of water may relieve the pain. Floss your teeth a couple of times with salty water, use warm water for the best results.

Alcohol – Flossing your mouth with alcohol such as vodka or brandy can reduce toothache. Some mouthwashes containing alcohol can help as well.

Almond, Vanilla, or Lemon Extract – Use a cotton swab dipped in the extract to swab the painful area.

Ice – Apply a cold compress to your cheeks to reduce the pain.

Garlic – A smashed clove of garlic applied to your tooth can reduce the ache. You can also add salt to your garlic.

Tea – Apply a used tea bag to reduce the toothache. The tannins that are naturally in tea leaves can help numb the pain.

There are many other natural remedies to reduce toothache, but they work only temporarily. Remember to visit your dentist as soon as you can if you experience any discomfort associated with your teeth.