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Sometimes you can’t wait for your scheduled dental appointment. You may be enjoying a delicious meal when suddenly, you bite down and crack a tooth. Or, maybe you’re riding your bicycle in the park and fall, damaging your teeth. Whether you have an accident or experience pain due to illness or other circumstances, you can call the office of Dr. Abbey Horwitz & Dr. Darren Dorfman, your Virginia Beach dentist, and arrange emergency care.

For over 30 years, Abbey Horwitz, DDS has helped numerous dental patients in Virginia Beach. Whether you are a resident or visiting Virginia Beach on vacation, Dr. Horwitz & Dr. Dorfman are available to handle your urgent dental needs.

  • Intense toothaches – If you have a history of tooth pain or just have a sudden ache, give us a call.
  • Cracked tooth repair – Virginia Beach has great seafood, but it’s possible to crack a tooth on a shell. We can help.
  • Fillings – If your filling that has loosened or fallen out, don’t bear the pain until office hours.
  • Emergency root canal – We’re here to help when surgery can’t wait for an appointment.
Call our Virginia Beach dental office at 757-481-3699 with your urgent dental needs. Dr. Abbey Horwitz and Dr. Darren Dorfman are here to assist and relieve your pain and discomfort.