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Dentures & Partials

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Tooth replacement for dentures or a broken tooth



Complete full sets are also called traditional, or full dentures. These are a good choice when a patient has lost all their teeth. Conventional are usually preferred within a few months of tooth removal, giving gums a chance to heal. Immediate replacement teeth are ready as soon as the tooth is removed without waiting for the gums to heal.


Partial dentures are removable or can be placed fixed permanently. Removable dentures stay on the gums by metal framework and clasps. Fixed partials are also known as dental bridges. They stay in place by anchoring to healthy teeth.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Not only does this perform regular functions of a tooth, they are also comfortable
  • You can still enjoy all the foods you always have
  • Remedies the self-conscious feeling of smiling with an unattractive or missing teeth
  • Helps keep facial muscles from sagging by replacing the facial support, which slows down facial aging
  • Prevents Bone disintegration
  • Prevents overuse and deterioration of your natural teeth
  • By Being Removable, Easy to Care for, and Bad breath free
  • Fix pronunciation problems caused by broken or missing teeth
  • They are a cost-effective treatment option
  • Most of all, They provide you with a Natural-Looking Smile