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dosSleep Apnea is a sleep disorder with potentially serious side effects. Those affected by sleep apnea tend to snore loudly, and may be at risk for numerous other health issues.

Sleep apnea begins with snoring. Snoring occurs when the sleeper relaxes, and the jaw falls open slightly. The tongue then slides back into the throat, narrowing the airway. The vibration of air passing through this small opening is what we call ‘snoring.’

Occasionally the airway will completely collapse, closing off the flow of air to the lungs. The harder one tries to breathe, to force air through, the tighter the seal becomes until the brain awakens the sleeper. Doze off, suffocate slightly, wake up gasping, doze off; this cycle may repeat up to fifty times per night for those who suffer from sleep apnea. For this reason, they will most likely appear exhausted even after what seemed to be a full night’s sleep.

The constant interruptions and lack of oxygen can cause further health issues over time, including chronic sleepiness, strokes, heart attacks, heartburn, morning headaches, depression, high blood pressure, and impotence.

tapDid you know that only 20% of all people who have sleep apnea are actively using CPAP machine?

A lot of sleep apnea patients prefer not to use CPAP machine because of its size and overall appearance, especially when they travel.

Here, at our Virginia Beach dental office, we offer No CPAP sleep apnea treatments for patients of all ages, with custom treatment options for mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea.

The Thornton Adjustable Positioner, or TAP® 3 Elite, is a custom-made, easy to use and non-invasive mouth guard. Based on the same concept as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), the TAP® 3 Elite shifts the jaw into a forward position, allowing air to flow through the throat. This keeps the airway from collapsing and allows the sleeper to breathe all night long, even snoring far less and more quietly.

Thornton Adjustable Positioner, or TAP® 3 Elite is targeted to treat mild and moderate cases, but could be used to ease (but not completely eliminate) severe sleep apnea conditions.

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