Our Virginia Beach dental practice is well-known for the professional and friendly staff. We would like to feature one of our dentist and dental hygienist every month to give you an exclusive inside look at our dental office.

Beth Johnston Dental Hygiene Virginia BeachHi, I’m Beth, one of the hygienists here at our practice. I have the pleasure of being the first to contribute to our monthly dental blog.

My father was my inspiration to become a hygienist and my first employer after graduation. He taught me that no matter what needs to be accomplished clinically, the patient’s positive dental experience is most important. My goal is to treat my patients in such a way that they want to come back to their next appointment.

I have had the pleasure of seeing children for their first visit and now, some 18 years later, of sending them off to college. Colton in the picture is the newer of my first time patients. What a pleasure it was to get this little guy started with a positive dental experience.

I have been seeing some of my patients in our dental practice for over twenty years. When they give me credit for keeping their mouth healthy, I remind them that it is a “team effort.” I help to maintain what they have accomplished. It is rewarding to see the results of good homecare habits.

Enjoy your Halloween candy but remember to spend 5 minutes a day on your home care. A good routine includes two minutes brushing in the morning, two minutes brushing at night and one minute cleaning in between the teeth where the brush doesn’t reach using floss or other dental aid.

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Look forward to more from another staff member next month.