LISSI GEORGEHi, my name is Lissi and I have worked with Dr. Horwitz & Dr. Dorfman as a dental hygienist for almost 6 years. As a child I always enjoyed going to the dentist, I know not that many people can honestly say that, therefore I considered entering the dental profession. And after a few adventures like getting married and having our 1st daughter, I finally pursued this ambition. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Old Dominion University with my bachelors of science in dental hygiene and feel that was one of the best decisions I have made for my family and myself. Since then we have had another daughter and many more adventures.


dental-hygienist-va-beachAs a hygienist, caring for and educating my patients about their oral health is my top priority but there is so much more that look forward to each day. Hearing an anxious patient tell me that they no longer fear their dental appointments or that they have referred their friends and family to our office. A child’s first dental appointment and trip to get a prize out of the treasure chest! Getting to know patients on a personal level and year after year hearing how school is going, about vacations, new additions to their family and all kinds of other exciting things happening in their lives. As well as being surrounded by wonderful coworkers everyday, many of which are now my very close friends, makes everyday at work feel less like “work.”

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