Pecan pie, pumpkin roll, hot cocoa – and we haven’t forgotten about all that candy at Halloween. The holidays can take a toll on your teeth and those of your children, and Drs Horwitz & Dorfman want to help you restore your family’s oral hygiene to pre-Halloween status.

As important as annual cleanings are, we recommend that you consider adding a bi-annual post-holiday cleaning to your family’s dental care regimen. The abundance of sugary, candied sweets during the months between Halloween and New Years can be substantial. Stay ahead of plaque and disease by having everyone in the family’s teeth cleaned towards the end of December, or beginning of January each year.

Virginia Beach dentists Horwitz and Dorfman are happy to provide annual and bi-annual cleanings to all of our patients in order to prevent cavities and gum disease. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.