Abbey-Horwitz-Darren-DorfmanValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and Drs Horwitz & Dorfman at Art of Dentistry in Virginia Beach know what that means. Candy – lots and lots of candy, everywhere.

Each year, around 8 billion heart-shaped conversation candies are manufactured, and 36 million are sold on the big day in the United States. Chocolate is of course a holiday staple, dating back to ancient times as a hallmark of romance. In the 1800s doctors would actually recommend chocolate to patients suffering from emotional pain, and it’s clear that this mentality has yet to shift. Approximately 58 million pounds of chocolate are consumed in the U.S. each Valentine’s Day!

So how can you prepare this year, and save your smile? By following our tips and tricks. Enjoy!

  • Avoid suckers and sour candies which can damage enamel and cause bacteria to breed in your mouth. This oral onslaught can continue for up to 20 minutes after you’ve eaten the sweet treats, so if you must indulge, brush afterward!
  • Sticky candies and taffies can cause damage to braces, so if you’re in the process of straightening, save the stickies for next year (and even then, go easy!)
  • Steer clear of cheap, holiday chocolate. It’s usually made up of milk chocolate, with minimal cocoa and maximum sugar. Instead, make a beeline for the gourmet, dark stuff. It contains less sugar and you might even eat less, as it’s meant to be savored.
  • Try minty candy this year to shake things up. Tradition is great and all, but who wants to kiss the person with sugar coating all over their teeth and tongue? Try peppermints, York patties, dessert mints, Junior mints, etc. While still containing sugar, they will at least leave your breath fresh – pucker up!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips and tricks for a Valentine’s Day your teeth will thank you for! There’s just one last step: an annual preventative checkup by the dental professionals at Horwitz & Dorfman’s Art of Dentistry in VA Beach. Contact us today!